About the Project

Aims and objectives

The aim of the pilot project is to streamline the ORCID implementation process at universities and to develop the best value approach for a potential UK wide adoption of ORCID in higher education. The project will produce case studies, guidance and recommendations to be shared with the sector. It will also develop a business case to clarify the cost and benefits of ORCID adoption and the different models which might prove most effective.

In particular, the objectives are:

  • to explore the embedding of ORCID iDs in institutional systems and workflows
  • to assess costs, benefits and risks of ORCID implementation
  • to gather evidence and recommend how to proceed – if appropriate – with national ORCID membership

The project outputs will include

  • example ORCID implementations and workflows at a number of HEIs
  • a case study report synthesizing findings and drawing together conclusions and recommendations for future practice
  • a resource comprised of the experiences with ORCID implementation including good practice, lessons learned and guidance for HEIs intending to implement ORCID iDs.
  • a business case report
  • an options appraisal on national ORCID membership
  • workshops generating insights to feed into case study report, advice & guidance and recommendations and providing a forum to share knowledge and to collaborate

As part of Jisc’s commitment to advancing UK research through digital technology on a global scale, Jisc and ARMA invited UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to participate in the ORCID pilot. We supported eight HEIs to partcipate in the pilot and to help us to prepare the project outputs.
The HEI based pilot projects ran from May 2014-January 2015.

List of project outputs:
HEI based pilot projects final summary reports
Institutional Implementation and Cost Benefit Analysis Report
Checklist summarising the lessons learned from the Jisc-ARMA ORCID pilot project
UK ORCID consortium membership consultation

As part of the project we’ve also engaged with
-a wide network of universtities and organisations that are implementing or are planning to implement ORCID identifiers.
-systems suppliers


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