Institutional implementation and cost-benefit analysis

ORCID institutional implementation and cost-benefit analysis

The progress meeting on 17th September in London was also an opportunity to introduce Helen Henderson, Hazel Woodward (Information Power) and Rob Johnson (Research Consulting) Power to the project. Helen, Hazel and Rob will be working with us to

  • synthesise findings and draw together conclusions and recommendations from the HEI pilot case studies
  • calculate and document the costs and benefits of ORCID implementation in HEIs based on the examples of the HEI pilots. We will consider this in the context of the broader adoption in research management workflows including funders, publishers and RIM and CRIS systems

The aim of this work is to inform future institutional practice of how ORCID is implemented in HEIs and to support research managers when building a business case for ORCID adoption in HEIs.

The final report is now available. The report also includes a checklist summarising the lessons learned from the Jisc-ARMA ORCID pilot project with regards to the implementation and promotion of ORCID within UK Higher Education Institutions.

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